Today I want to demonstrate the benefits of eating butter.

People keep telling me that butter is bad for me.

I’m told margarine is good for me.

Read on if you like butter!

Butter In Our Diets

Butter is a natural product that has been in the human diet in some form or other for a long time indeed. In some cultures the health benefits of butter are well known and it is given to the elderly and infirm as a health food due to its health providing properties.

Organic raw and cultured milk from grass fed cows is best due to the healthy bacteria properties. Cultured butter is a challenge to find though so ‘good’ is enough and orgainic grass fed butter its easy to find. If you can go to your local farm or dairy to see if you can get your hands on raw milk butter.

Cool As A Butter Block

With the advent of fridges came the advent of margarine – it needs to be cooled. This wholly unnatural product is created by passing – omega 6 laden and fragile – polyunsaturated vegetable fats through many chemical processes including bleaching, heating and often hydrogenation.

This last one involves an electric current passed through a nickel electrode altering the composition of the unsaturated fat so it appears to look like a saturate. This results in trans fats and the body can’t tell that its not saturated and so many many health problems occur from ingestion.

Even if your margarine says no trans fats this may not be the whole truth. By heating polyunsaturated fats, although you are not officially using trans fats, you do transform the oil into a trans fat. Heating, burning, processing all adversely affect vegetable oil – the prime ingredient of margarine.

Back to the fridge bit. Butter need not be kept in the fridge since it has antibacterial properties, is a saturated fat and is stable so will not go rancid. Margarine could not be widely sold until fridges were invented for they go rancid, moldy and perish fast.

Incidentally, when did our obesity and heart disease, hypertension and diabetes begin to snowball? Possibly since the ‘experts’ gave saturated fat a bad press, converted us all to vegetable oils for cooking (heating and creating trans fats remember) and scare stories of cholesterol to sell more of it!

Eat what our grandparents ate and we will be fine – meat, fish, cook in fat as in butter and lard, and vegetables from the garden.

18 Benefits Of Butter

    1. Vitamin A
    2. Vitamin D
    3. Vitamin E
    4. Vitamin K
    5. Manganese
    6. Zinc
    7. Chromium
    8. Iodine
    9. Selenium
    10. Arachidonic acid
    11. Wulzen factor x
    12. Antimicrobial
    13. Short and medium chain fatty acids
    14. CLA
    15. Lecithin
    16. Cholesterol metabolism
    17. Glycosphingolipids protect GI infection
    18. Tastes so much better!


So there you have it. Butter is a natural product and your body will self-regulate its consumption (for another article). It tastes great and is good for you. Take action today and switch to real butter. Taste the difference and see the difference in your health!

As always if you have any questions please do share or ask below. Enjoy real food!

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